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Probate, inheritance & capital gains tax


For solicitors, accountants, executors and trustees we offer a comprehensive probate and inheritance tax valuation service, adhering to Section 60 of the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 and in line with current Inland Revenue guidelines.

Two copies of the illustrated, bound report are produced – more valuable items being photographed separately. Room by room images support the more general figure for everyday personal property. We strive to have the finished document to executors within two weeks of carrying out the valuation.

We are able, if required, to provide a complete house clearance service, taking saleable items to auction - be it London or provincially, undertaking delivery to beneficiaries, delivering to charity shops, and the disposal of unsaleable items.

We can provide and also advise on valuations of chattels for capital gains tax purposes, having regard to the relevant legislation and the guidance provided in HMRCs own Capital Gains Tax manual. Such valuations may be needed whether an item is gifted or sold.












Insurance valuations


It is advisable to have your move valuable possessions assessed professionally. Most insurance companies recommend that a detailed written valuation of your assets is carried out and will often discount premiums for clients if a professional firm of valuers has prepared this report.

Anderson Associates offer a valuation service for insurance purposes, providing the client with a formal illustrated document and an additional PDF version that can be submitted to the insurance company and kept for your own records. Insurance valuations need to be reviewed regularly to keep pace with the changing markets. Valuations for insurance are different from those for probate purposes, the valuation must be appropriate for retail replacement. The retrieval or replacement of items in the event of loss can reply heavily on accurate descriptions and high quality images, in the event of a claim, a detailed and illustrated valuation has the added benefit of helping to ensure a swift settlement.

From a single item to a complete inventory of all your antiques, works of art and jewellery, Anderson Associates will prepare a fully-detailed valuation including high quality images.























Selling advice


As independent Fine Art and Antique Valuers - Anderson Associates are best placed to offer truly independent advice on how and where to sell your single item or your entire collection.

We regularly act for clients wishing to sell antiques, jewellery, art or the contents of an entire house. Due to extensive contacts throughout the art market and auction houses, we assist clients in realising the best possible prices for their items. We arrange and carry-out the packing and transportation of items destined for sale and offer guidance on pre-sale auction estimates and reserves.